Credit/Debit Card Authorization form

By signing the form i agree with all the terms and conditions on the sale order which i have made over the phone ,by fax or via internet.I understand that this information will be used for the purpose of verification with the credit card issuer prossesors to prevent fraudulent usage.As the credit card holder i hereby authorize and understand that the conditions guided and other penalties the carrier induced will apply.Finally i hereby agree that i will not initiate dispite under no cardholder authorization on this charge in the future

You must attach a legible copy of both sides of the credit card (front and back) and a legible copy of your drivers license(other valid photo ID)

Required credit crad information :

****For Mastercard and Discover,it is the 3 digits located in the back of the card. r of the card in the front.

****For American Express,it is the 4 digits located in the corner of the card in the front.

Credit Card billing address :